Auto drivers in Rameswaram stage protest against issuance of new permits

१ हप्ता पहिले

Associations representing auto-rickshaw drivers of Rameswaram conducted a sit-in protest infront of the Ramanathapuram Regional Transport Office on Tuesday against the issuance of new permits.

They demanded that new taxi permits not be issued for new auto-rickshaws in the Rameswaram island area as it is a "very narrow area".

Members of the associations said that the increasing number of tourist vehicles is already causing traffic snarls in Rameswaram and if new auto-rickshaw taxi permits are issued the situation will be exacerbated.

According to auto-rickshaw drivers, currently, more than a thousand autos are operating in the Rameswaram.

"An order has been issued to give new taxi permits for autos to various areas across Tamil Nadu. Accordingly, if new autos are granted a permit for Rameswaram Island, the livelihood of the existing auto workers will be affected and traffic will also be affected," the auto-rickshaw drivers said.

Therefore all the auto associations of Rameswaram joined together and staged a protest in front of the local transport office in Ramanathapuram insisting that permits should not be issued to new autos. (ANI)

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