Three layer of govt coordination vital for statute implementation

१ हप्ता पहिले

Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Surendra Raj Pandey has argued that coordination among three layers of government was needed for the implementation of the constitution.

Delivering a message on the occasion of the Constitution Day, the Chief Minister said that the Gandaki Province Government was effortful to bring about changes in their lives as per aspirations of the constitution. "For this, continuous coordination between federal and local government is required," Pandey added.

Stating that the constitution should be implemented to ensure a change in people's lives, the Chief Minister viewed that leading the country towards economic development by strengthening the federal democratic republic system is the need of the present time.

Pandey has recalled that the Constitution of Nepal was promulgated through the Constituent Assembly on September 20, 2015 after a long struggle and sacrifices of the citizens.


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